The “Dr” Come Clean..

After Dr. Cameron Blakely wrecked my car, the next day he had to produce a valid drivers license, this is when he knew the gig was up. That is when I found out he was NOT a Dr., was not 30 years old and EVERYTHING he had told me was a lie. It took him scamming me out of $1400.00 and a wrecked Lexus to find out the truth about Cameron Bowlin.

ALL the late night text of Cameron being in the operating room, patients dying and all the other stories he had told me were a LIE. He was not “dying of cancer” but had a bad case of HERPES that he needs to have surgery on. He was in-fact a 21 year old E2 under investigation by the US Navy for impersonating an Officer, they have since obtained all of his “Dr. Props and Badges”, UCSD and Radys Children’s hospital as well as the San Diego Police have all joined in on this investigation into the “fraudster.”

According to my car he had it going up to 98 MPH on the I-5 North before he wrecked my car. He told me he was doing a 24 hour stent at Balboa Navel Hospital, I had NO IDEA he was taking it to Oceanside where he currently resides. $12,867.00 dollars later, my car is being repaired, my checking account is lighter and I feel like I have been a victim of a CON ARTIST. I would never have given money to or lent my car to a 21 yo kid!

I have heard he has defrauded many here in San Diego in the community. If that is you or you know someone who has been defrauded, please reach out and contact us. It is not right that he is actively scamming people in our community and pulling at heart stings for money, places to live and other things.

He has pulled these frauds from Missouri, South Carolina and here is California. Please contact us or the San Diego NCIS department if you have any information or have been defrauded by this man.