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Harassing Text 5/4/2021



This blog is to help past and future victims of Cameron Bowlin so that they do not have to be caught and suffer like many others before. This blog is for educational purposes only. Please do not contact or harass anyone named in this blog, as this is my story, and my opinion of the events.

Real Name:


Known Alias’

  • Cameron Bowlin, 
  • Dr. Cameron Blakely 
  • Corp Man C. Barnell


Has a history of creating characters that he becomes. He goes as far as to order and create fake Hospital Badges. Has had Medical coats orders and his name sewn on them. Buys scrubs and medical paraphernalia to impersonate medical professionals.


…AND THEN there is the terminal diseases……….

Cameron Bowling has faked being a single father of three, with terminal cancer in North Carolina (took pictures of his sisters kids, to get donations for sympathetic people in the community.

Has become and ordained minister because God “spoke to him” to marry people in the LGBT community people only to scam an elderly woman and others out of money that thought his cause was real.

Has portrayed himself as a 30 year old Officer a Doctor in the Navy that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has 8 months to live.

AND all of it the work of a 21 year old SCAM ARTIST!